Unparalleled worldwide fieldwork solutions for the market research industry


Interiority Global is an independent B2B and B2C qualitative market research fieldwork agency – delivering exceptional project management solutions, services and respondent recruitment worldwide.


Established in 2001, Interiority Global has built up unparalleled expertise and knowledge as an independent dedicated qualitative fieldwork resource...


We will comprehensively manage every aspect of your study from consulting and pricing at the proposal stage through to the logistical minefield of the fieldwork itself...


Interiority Global has experience with single-market and multi-market studies across a plethora of B2C and B2B sectors alongside the tools and experience to help you conduct your fieldwork on time...


Interiority Global provides B2B and B2C respondent recruitment and fieldwork services for focus groups, workshops and IDIs in the following territories: 

The UK and Europe
The Middle East and North Africa
Central and South Africa
North America and Canada
South America
Japan and South Korea
Australia and New Zealand
Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
Hong Kong and Mainland China


Interiority Global provides a wide range of services:

Respondent Recruitment

We provide B2B and B2C respondent recruitment and fieldwork management services for a range of research methods including focus groups, workshops, online communities and IDIs.

Venue Sourcing

We have tried and tested an incredible number of viewing facilities, hotels, conference centres and meeting spaces all over the world… even a private yacht moored in St Tropez once.

Language and Translation

We have built a trusted international network of local language moderators who can work alongside experienced simultaneous translators whenever required.

Screener Creation

Having produced countless screeners over the years, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that exactly the right respondents are recruited for your studies.

Incentive Handling

Should you require it, Interiority Global will take care of the payment of incentives or honorariums to your respondents – whether it's in cash, by electronic bank transfer or via portals such as PayPal.


We’re here to help with every step of the process, and that includes you picking our brains. From the design of your research study to its execution, you can call on us at any time.

Jon is uniquely talented and always a joy to work with. He is incredibly dedicated and has never hesitated to help with even the most complicated challenge. I have worked with Interiority Global for years and look forward to continuing to do so for years to come.

Anaïs Hayes  —  Head of Brand Innovation, Google

Jon is a thoughtful, proactive and creative recruiting partner who really works with the spirit and understanding of our brief rather than just the letter of a screener.

Julie Jenson Bennett  —  CEO, PrecipiceDesign

I've worked with Jon on a number of basic as well as downright tough UK recruits and he's come through with great participants every time. I love working with Jon because I can always count on him to deliver. He provides exactly what I'm looking for – and faster than other recruiters. Jon's also creative and flexible when I've got a challenging client or tricky recruit and he goes the extra mile to help.

Amy Kraushaar  —  Insights & Marketing Strategy Expert

Jon both 'gets it' and delivers it: consistently, honestly and with a smile. A rare breed and a pleasure to do business with.

Meldrum Duncan  —  Director and Co-Founder, Curious Industry

I’ve worked with Jon many times over the past five or so years when looking for participants for various user research or user testing sessions.
Every time he has delivered quickly and accurately, even with some of the more obscure recruitment screeners given to him. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

Richard Dron —  Service & UX Designer at M&C|XD

Once you hand a job to Jon you know nothing can go wrong.
He delivers world-class results again and again with literally never a hitch. Also one of the nicest guys in the business and a lovely man to work with.

Rupert Millington —  Director, Curious Industry

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