About Interiority Global

Interiority Global is a B2B and B2C qualitative fieldwork services agency offering every aspect of project management and respondent recruitment to the market research industry worldwide.

Established in 2001, it has built up unparalleled expertise and knowledge over the past two decades as an independent dedicated qualitative fieldwork resource. As a result, we are able to provide exceptional levels of service on time and on budget. Our high levels of professionalism and meticulous recruiting methods are backed up by our quality assurance procedures, which have been honed to meet all possible client needs.

Our team is available 24/7 to ensure that our clients’ requirements – often conducted across multiple markets – are always met promptly and comprehensively.

We have a reputation for providing fast and thorough project turnarounds and always going the extra mile. Our experience enables us to anticipate and immediately iron out any potential challenges with effective solutions, whilst also maintaining the flexibility that our clients often require.

The long-standing partnerships with our clients are testament to our commitment to providing excellence alongside complete transparency in all aspects of our work.

Interiority Global established the first online database for market research recruitment in the UK in 2001 and has continued to operate at the forefront of qualitative fieldwork whilst expanding its global reach.

Whether a focus group is required in Manchester or a workshop hosting in Mumbai, Interiority Global will deliver a consistently outstanding project outcome.

Qualitative Respondent Recruitment

Since its inception, Interiority Global has maintained the quality of its respondent recruitment by constantly evolving to meet our clients' needs and rigorously adhering to our ethos of sourcing and supplying respondents who are not just 'on spec' but who are also enthusiastic, articulate and open-minded.

We pride ourselves on recruiting respondents who are an asset to our clients' projects –just fitting the spec simply isn’t good enough. We go the extra mile to ensure all research study budgets are smartly and effectively spent. Whether we’re recruiting early adopters, change-makers, mainstream consumers, decision makers or industry-specific experts, this ethos remains the same.

We have extensive experience in recruiting respondents for virtually every methodology and format of research study; from B2B to B2C, from physical and virtual focus groups to online communities, diary studies and product testing to creative workshops and in-depth interviews.

Global Network

Throughout our international expansion we have nurtured our comprehensive network of trusted partners around the world.
This on-the-ground knowledge and expertise results in a clear understanding of cultural practices, colloquialisms and differentiators, enabling us to assist our clients at every stage of their studies – from initial planning to screener creation, right through to the logistical challenges of conducting a study in an unfamiliar market.

Data Protection

Interiority Global adheres to strict data protection policies and is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office [ICO] for the purposes of handling data responsibly. We class the data protection of both our clients’ and the respondents’ information we supply for use on market research studies as paramount and we endeavour to stay informed and implement any necessary developments in policy and practices.

Why Interiority Global?

  • 24/7 agency
  • Global
  • Independent
  • Experienced
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Competitive pricing
  • 20 years of experience
  • Anticipate problems and resolve them from the outset
  • Provide one-call solutions
  • All about relationship
  • Supportive and flexible

Jon Swingler

Global Fieldwork Director, Interiority Global

Jon founded Interiority in 2001 having observed a lack of comprehensive service offerings within the industry.

His experience as a researcher meant that he was quickly able to empathise with the challenges that his early clients were coming up against, which he relished in swiftly solving.

The extensive client list that Jon has since built is testament to his adept organisational and people management skills alongside his renowned positivity and ability to make things happen quickly.

Client feedback often focuses on the fact that they can leave a project in Jon’s hands and that he will have thought of everything.

Jon established Interiority Global as a 24/7 agency to be able to always meet his international clients’ needs. He has continued to evolve the business alongside changes within the market and this frequently sets him apart from any competition – his clients know that they can count on him at all times.

Whether working with market research agencies or directly with organisations and brands, Jon is well-versed at working with all scenarios, project types and budgets.


Interiority Global provides B2B and B2C respondent recruitment and fieldwork services for focus groups, workshops and IDIs in the following territories: 

The UK and Europe
The Middle East and North Africa
Central and South Africa
North America and Canada
South America
Japan and South Korea
Australia and New Zealand
Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
Hong Kong and Mainland China

Jon is one of those rare recruiters that gets things done with efficiency, respect AND kindness. He is super responsive and have always delivered on all the projects we’ve worked on together.
I feel that I have a trusted partner when I work with him (not just a vendor), which makes a huge difference in the overall project experience.

Veronica Marquez  —  Independent Insights Consultant

I always trust Interiority with my recruits – and have done for years.  They are professional and very easy to deal with and always come through, even on the most difficult projects.  I always know my projects will be in a safe pair of hands and will be delivered as requested and on time with no headaches.  Highly recommended.

Kate Woods  —  Co-Founder at Show Me Consulting

I love Jon, though I've never actually met him.
He does things I didn't think were possible. When I need a highly bespoke problem fixing – say I need to talk to guys who own really expensive watches – Jon just magics them up and they're all fantastic people to talk to. I'm not sure how he does that.
I know he goes through all the right processes because I get thorough and well-organised contact reports and recruitment questionnaires.
I just don't know how he's built up such a network of the right sort of contacts. Anyway, I've decided to stop wondering how he does it and simply enjoy the fact he does. I hope to have a pint with him someday, I'll buy.

Graham Hall  —  Founder / Owner at The Insight Edge UK

I have worked with Jon for a number of years. He is my go-to recruiter for the UK and abroad. He has never let me down – despite being given some challenging requirements.
Jon’s advice on the brief, screeners and field support is always valuable. I have never had a bad encounter for field research or participant for co-creation.

Senior Innovation Consultant at Flux[x]

Getting recruitment right is fundamentally important to the success of any research we do. Interiority understand this as well as the need to be pragmatic and resourceful and they have always delivered for us. So no matter if we are testing or doing user research they source and provide us the quality participants we need.

Darren Amer  —  Cofounder of M&C Experience Design

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